At Quickdraw Animation, we offer animation workshops not just for schools but also for you business or management team. 

In the world of animation, anything is possible.  In the world of work, high performance teams make anything possible.

Our Animate your business program transforms your meeting room into an animation media lab for this half-to-full day and up to five-day workshop. Participants work in teams to create and share their own stop-motion animations, using themselves or props as the main characters..

Topics Addressed

–       Influence and leadership

–       Superior communication

–       Visioning and planning

–       Collaboration

–       Teamwork and shared responsibility

–       Group and individual decision making

–       Problem solving through creativity and innovation

Through participating in this workshop, team members will understand more clearly how they create the results they want (or not) through clarity of intention and influence. Participants will develop an increased capacity to be designers of experience contributing to creative ideas and higher individual and team performance.

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