Half-Day Workshop (3-4 hours)

1. Introduction to animation

  • What is it?
  • History of Animation
  • Cartoons vs. animation
  • Concepts of animation
    • Frame rate
    • Timing

2. Group work

  • Various exercises that demonstrate objects in motion
  • Compiling exercise footage to make a short demonstration

3. Review of animation via the short demo

Full-Day Workshop (6 hours)

All Half-Day activities


4. Work on a themed animation

  • Looking closer at technique and concepts to create a full animation film
  • Themed animation could be: Claymation, pixilation, puppets, cut outs etc. (this can be decided in advance with your instructor)

5. Review of animation via the full film put together by groups

Workshop Series

The workshop series can take place over 4-5 half or full day sessions. The extent of the workshop will be based on the number of workshop and hours dedicated to learning. Each day of the workshop will incorporate two new techniques that will be brought together at the end for a fully competed short animation, including sound editing.

The benefit of a Workshop Series is the translation of the full animation experience. Students will learn a variety of techniques and be exposed to more than in just one session. Workshop series can be done over consecutive days or for a series of weeks. Also, the workshop series can be tailored to suit almost any program or classroom environment.

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