Brian Batista

Instructor: Intro to Toon Boom, Stop Motion, Animation Fundamentals

Brian Batista is a man of many skills and talents— an arranger of thing’s, painter, sculptor, performer, media artist, mentor, teacher, animator, entrepreneur, and magic man. He graduated with a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design with distinction, and was the recipient of a Board of Governors award. Brian has been the recipient of the NFB/QAS Production Scholarship, acted on Quickdraw’s Board of Directors as President, and currently instructs animation at Quickdraw Animation Society. He has a tremendous love for rubber hose arms and has a mad crush on Jessica Rabbit.

Brian Batista’s Website

Arielle McCuaig

Instructor: Animation Fundamentals, Portable Animation Workshop

Arielle McCuaig is an artist and musician from Calgary, AB. She is a stalwart of the Calgary arts and music community, having done animation and design for the likes of the GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation and community radio station CJSW 90.9 FM, as well as artwork for bands both locally and internationally. She is a recipient of the Chris J. Melnychuk Production Scholarship and is in the process of completing her first short film. She runs local record label Pee Blood and writes and performs as Janitor Scum. The foundation of her practice is based in drawing, heavily influenced by comics, DIY music and outsider art, that works towards a space between loose and laboured, technical and amateur.

Carol Beecher

Instructor: (c)ART(oons) : THE HISTORY OF ANIMATION

Not sure if she was going to be a theatre technician or an animator, Carol figured either way she'd have to be an artist, so she went to the Alberta College of Art + Design, graduating in 1987. Her first film, a 16mm cameraless film called Ask-Me, was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Yorkton Film Festival in 1996. She honed her administration skills at the Quickdraw Animation Society, and for nine years oversaw it’s development into an internationally recognized production, resource, and education centre. In 1994, Carol and Kevin D.A. Kurytnik created their own animation production company, Fifteen Pound Pink Productions, named thus because that's how
much their cat weighed. 2004 saw the completion of Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning, a 17 minute film about the uneasy co-existence between life and Mr. Death. They are currently celebrating an award winning year of release for Skin for Skin, an animated short produced with the National Film Board of Canada North West Centre, of particular note is winning Best Animation and Best of Festival at the 2018 edition of the Yorkton Film Festival! Carol is currently immersed in research and development for her solo experimental animated documentary project A Family War Diary.

Lyndon Navalta

Instructor: Intro to Adobe After Effects

Lyndon Navalta is a Motion Designer and Painter from Calgary Alberta. He graduated with Bachelors of Design in Illustration from Alberta College of Art and Design with distinction in 2013. After graduating design school, he worked with the National Film Board of Canada. With ACAD and QAS alumni, he helped create an award winning animated short called Skin for Skin. During his stay with the NFB, he wore many hats, including assistant art director, concept artist, 3D texture artist, compositor, colour artist, and special effects. Today he works as a freelance compositor and special effects artist for an indie animation studio in Calgary called New Machine Studios. He also paint flowers and animals in his spare time.

Mike Hooves

Instructor: Drawing for Animation, Portable Animation Workshop

Mike Hooves is a prairie queer creating illustration, animation, and film in Calgary, Alberta. Receiving their BDes from ACAD in 2017, Mike has artistically collaborated with various organizations, including Calgary Queer Arts Society, The Quickdraw Animation Society, Buds Collective, and Herland. Mike’s film practice has seen their work exhibited internationally, including Vancouver and Montreal, the United Kingdom, and Poland. Using color, shape, and mark making, Mike’s visual work playfully examines living queer.

Heather Kai Smith

Instructor: Drawing Essentials, Great Women Animators

Heather Kai Smith is an artist from Calgary, AB Canada.  She received her B.F.A. in Drawing with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2009. Her solo and collaborative work has been exhibited at The Illingworth Kerr Gallery (Calgary), The White House (TO), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna), Nuit Blanche Calgary, Institut für alles mögliche (Berlin, Germany), and the Art Gallery of Calgary. Using multiple mediums (ranging from animation, printmaking, projection and installation), the foundation of her work is rooted in the practice of drawing. Her work has been commissioned for Telus Spark!: The New Calgary Science Centre, Pith Gallery, and Sled Island Music and Arts Festival.

Heather recently received the NFB/Quickdraw Animation Production Scholarship and is working on completing an animated short film for Fall 2014.

Heather’s Website

Mihaela Slabe

Instructor: Portable Animation Workshop

Mihaela is an ACAD grad who received Quickdraw’s  Chris J. Melnychuk Scholarship in 2016 and produced her first animated short film that was screened at the annual GIRAF animation festival in November of 2018. She has been a PAW instructor for a year and a bit now, and is also an art facilitator at Prospect Human Services, where she continues to teach animation and various other art practices to adults with disabilities.

Bill Dyer

Instructor: Intro to Toon Boom Harmony, Intro to 3D Animation, Intro to Maya 3D

Bill Dyer is an animator and film producer from Calgary, Alberta. He primarily works in computer 3D animation but has also worked in 2D hand drawn animation. Projects he has worked on include the short film Skin for Skin, the film WALL, the animated series; The Intergalactic Who’s Who, and the short animation Business as Usual. He is currently a freelance animator working various commercial and independent projects.

Bill’s Website

Ryan Von Hagen

Instructor: Animation Fundamentals, Advance Animation, Projects in Animation, Summer Camps for Youth, Portable Animation Workshop.

Ryan Von Hagen is an interdisciplinary artist with a passion for animation, film, and sound. Ryan has worked on documentaries, short animated films, theater productions, as well as had his work displayed in Fine Art exhibitions. Ryan has been teaching animation with the Quickdraw Animation Society for the past 7 years through the Portable Animation Workshop as well as Quickdraw’s night courses. Ryan is currently the Programming Director at the Quickdraw Animation Society as well as an instructor at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD).


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