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The Quickdraw Animation Society is excited to present a four-part screening series and publication exploring the role of LGBTQ2S+ artists and subjects throughout animation history.

After an amazing inaugural screening at the Calgary Central Library, our second screening takes place at the University of Calgary (room SS 203) on Friday, September 20. This time around we’re looking at auto/biographical short films from Canadian animators. Our lead essay, from animator Sam Decoste, puts these films in the context of Canada’s gay rights movement in the 21st century, describing the political and historical conditions around the creation of these films. The zine will also feature a short comic from Jillian Fleck.

Once again, the first 50 folks to show up to the screening will receive a free copy of the zine!

More info on the screening series:

Representations of queerness are increasingly common in independent animation, and have been making headway in mainstream animation in recent years, but the history of those representations—and especially of artists who identify as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community—is a sadly under-explored topic. In uncovering the stories of LGBTQ2S+ films and filmmakers and sharing them with our audience, we hope to promote a richer understanding of the diverse voices that have contributed to the history of animation, and to create an opening for other artists, writers, and animation fans to continue telling those stories.
The “On LGBTQ2S+ Animation” project consists of four screenings, each exploring a theme related to LGBTQ2S+ animation and accompanied by a free zine expanding on threads inspired by a collection of animated shorts.

This screening series was made possible by project funding from the Canada Council for the Arts

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