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Saturday MASS (Monthly Animation Screening Series) is an ongoing program screening all of your favorite animated features from around the world. Presented by the Quickdraw Animation Society.

— Saturday MASS: June 15 2019 —
Prometheus’ Garden
by Bruce Bickford

Basic Cable
by Craig Storm, Kayla MacNeill, Arielle McCuaig (2019 Animation Lockdown winners!)

6/15/2019 at 7:00pm

Our June Saturday MASS will feature the late Bruce Bickford’s Promethus’ Garden, a masterful, surreal and psychedelic claymation film,

Bickford’s most critically acclaimed film, Festival Winner at the 1988 Northwest Film and Video Festival in Portland, centres around themes of violence, regeneration and transformation. The only way to understand what this film is about to see it; be prepared for a non-linear experience that is at once “beautiful and frightening.”

Bruce Bickford first garnered a cult following in the 1970’s by creating animations for Frank Zappa songs; for this work, he is considered a father of the music video industry. But it is through his animated films — such Prometheus’ Garden — where his true mastery is made obvious. He passed away in April 2019.

“Bruce Bickford is my idol.” -Ryan Von Hagen

“When I first started working at Quickdraw, I took home this film to watch, and was like WHAT(#*$(#??!!” – Tyler Longmire

“Like Prometheus, the mythical god who took earth and water and made man, Bickford breathes life into lumps of clay.” – Kit Boss of the Seattle Times

“[This film] is now regarded as not just one of the greatest Claymation films ever made, but a masterpiece in its own right. Without a traditional plot or central characters, Prometheus’ Garden is the bastard child of surrealism, while at the same time anticipating the highly subjective work now being celebrated within contemporary art circles today” – Slated!