Quickdraw's AGM 2023

Please join us on Zoom to discuss Quickdraw's past year and future operations

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June 28, 2023

6:00pm MST


Held online on Zoom. ASL Interpreter provided, RSVP for Zoom link


Message from the Board of Directors

The Quickdraw Board jumped right into a busy season after last year’s AGM with the hiring of a new Executive Director (hey Val!) in the fall, before focusing inward to better understand how we could use our strengths to support QAS.

To help this along, Quickdraw was awarded a Future Focus Grant from CADA, which will allow us to consult professionals on our strategic plan, organizational structure, and even boost the skills of the board. Now is a great time to jump on board if you are thinking about it!

There are currently four open board positions. To be considered for election to a position, you must have a Quickdraw Member nominate you at the AGM. Please reach out to Mackenzie Bedford, Board President or Val Duncan, Executive Director if you have any questions about getting on the board.

If you're at all interested in becoming a Board member, please make sure to check out:

Call for Board Members - General Board Member positions

Call for Board Members - Fundraiser Position!

AGM Agenda

Easy Reading: Quickdraw Animation Society Bylaws

Please note that we will be providing an ASL Interpreter for the Zoom meeting, please let us know if you need any further accomodations.

1. Call to Order

2. Land Acknowledgement and Housekeeping

3. Approval of Agenda and 2022 Minutes

a. 2022 Minutes here: LINK

4. Reports

  • Executive Director's Report
  • Financial Presentation/Audited Financial Statements
  • Report from the Board of Directors

5. Board Elections

  • Review Board members stepping down
  • Review Board members up for re-election
  • Nominations of new Board members
  • Election of Board members for 2023-24

6. Volunteer Awards

7. General Q&A/Feedback

8. Adjournment

All Quickdraw members are welcome to attend the AGM, but according to our bylaws, in order to vote on motions at the meeting you’ll need to be sure you have an up-to-date membership that was purchased at least 30 days before the meeting. If you’re unsure of your current membership status, feel free to ask us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Again, though, this only affects voting, and you’d still be able to attend and ask questions either way.

If you need to renew your membership, make sure to do so before the AGM!

If you aren’t able to attend and want to assign your vote to someone else, you can assign it by proxy to another member by sending us a note that includes your signature, the member’s signature, and the date of the AGM. Please download the Proxy Form and either send it to director@quickdrawanimation.ca, or upload it through the RSVP form.

RSVP via our Google Form

Quickdraw Animation Society logo on a mauve background