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Intro to Augmented Reality (online)

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drawing of Kes Lefthand

Kes Lefthand

illustration of a whispy soul
screenshot of a workspace in the Unity game engine, showing a little Soul being customized
drawing of a little soul

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January 22, 2022January 23, 2022

1:00pm - 5:00pm both days


Zoom (online)


As part of our Digital Skills for Youth Internship, in partnership with the Independent Media Arts Alliance Society, our intern Kes has been working with a pair of mentors to develop an augmented reality project exploring the hidden spirit world that lies just beyond our reach. As his internship comes to a close, it’s time for him to spotlight the things he’s learned throughout the project to help launch his AR app!

In this workshop participants will learn the process of creating animations/rigs from Blender to work in the “free” game engine Unity. Then, they will use AR Foundation to create their own downloadable mini-app of a character in AR space.

Once registered, all installation instructions and class files will be emailed to the participants.

If you need to rent any equipment from Quickdraw to participate, please email Erin at production@quickdrawanimation.ca

Workshop Details

  • Participants will have an APK file they can download to their smartphone to play their Augmented Reality app!
  • 3D model and make a simple rig in Blender, then export to Unity to have it float in AR space!