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QAS Lockdown 2022: Impossible Shapes Edition

Registration is now closed.


48 hour filmmaking challenge!


2011 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K4


This is the REGISTRATION PAGE for the Lockdown!

If your membership has expired, please renew your Producing Membership before registering for the Lockdown.

Go to the event page to learn all of the details about the event to prepare yourself for the Animation Jam!


You MUST be a valid Producing Member of Quickdraw. ($50). If your membership is expiring in the next couple months, we will require you to renew it by filling out this Producing Membership form before registering for the Lockdown.

Event fees include:

  • Producing Membership: $50
  • Registration Fee which includes QAS staff support, onsite animation equipment and space + meals and snacks for Saturday and Sunday + the opportunity to participate in the National 48 Film Festival come February 2023: $105

To make sure everyone has access to the gear they need, it is important to meet with Erin after you sign up with your team to confirm what you’ll need from Quickdraw. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but if supplies are limited it may be necessary to share!

Once you sign up, send off an email with the title “[YOUR TEAM NAME] Gear Requests” to to set up a quick meeting to confirm what you will need.

Other Questions:

Yep! We will be serving a fresh, hot dinner on Saturday and Sunday, plus opportunities for breakfast and lunch and plenty of snacks throughout the day. Please let us know any dietary restrictions you might have when you register, so we can make sure we have something to accommodate you!

We say: that's awesome! If you have any parts of your home-studio that you would like to bring to Quickdraw, you are welcome and encouraged to do so. Give us a heads up on what you will be bringing when you sign up, and when you meet with Erin let us know what you will need in terms of studio space at QAS. We will do our best to accommodate what you need within reason.

If you prefer your home-studio to Quickdraw and wish to participate, please tell us on your sign-up form! However, all of our group-participation events will be done in-person, and it is required that you attend these in-person as well. The Friday orientation and the Monday film drop-off will only be available in-person.

We will not be able to provide the same online support as we have in past years, so animating-at-home may be a bit lonelier this round. During the Animation Lockdown we encourage you to join us at HQ to share your daily updates, meet other animators, and hang out - we will be offering dinner on Saturday and Sunday plus plenty of snacks and chances to meet fellow animators participating. Food will also only be available to in-person participants.