4 Day Animation Challenge!!


Friday May 18th – Monday May 21st 2018: Animation Lockdown @ QAS Studios, 2011 10 Ave SW Calgary AB Canada

UPDATE: We had to change the venue for the screening to accommodate extra demand! New details below:
Friday May 25th 2018: Animation Lockdown 2018 completed films + QAS spring student film screening!
6:00PM doors, free and open to the public. Screening location @ CSIF Screening Room, #100, 1725 – 10 Avenue SW
(In Sunalta, close to the Sunalta C-Train station)

*** THE 2018 LOCKDOWN IS NOW FULL! We cannot fit any more people into the studios for this event. Come check out the screening on Friday May 25th! – Tyler, 08-May-2018 ***


This May long weekend, intrepid teams of animators take over the Quickdraw studios to hang out, get sloppy, eat food, watch cartoons, and make their own brand-new animations! Form a team or come by yourself, work with pals or find a new friend! You’ve got four days to make a cool new film. QAS provides work space, animation equipment, software, computers, on-site technical assistance, emotional support—and enough FOOD, CAFFEINE and SUGAR to keep you thriving over the weekend! Finished films are screened the following Friday at a sweet party that includes RAD PRIZES for the winners!

Everyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary. Youth are welcome but must have an adult chaperone, and cannot stay after-hours unless supervised. Production equipment is claimed by participants on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you want that Cintiq you better register quick!

We encourage teams to join forces and make a group film, but going solo is totally cool! You still have to make a team name though if you’re striking out alone. 🙂


$50 for current producing members (includes food, caffeine, studio space, equipment, and technical assistance for the long weekend event) OR

$100 for non-members or for returning members who need to renew (includes year-long production membership + all of the above). Fee is per person.


The Lockdown officially begins at 7:00pm on Friday, May 19 2018 at QAS. Join us there to go over rules and housekeeping, get your animation stations set up, and meet the other participants. You can start animating right away! You have the whole weekend to work. Your finished and rendered film is due to QAS Staff at noon on Monday, May 21 2018.

Participants are welcome to stay up all night animating! However please note that technical support and studio access will only be available during the following scheduled work times:

Friday, May 18: 7pm – 9pm (Introduction, setup, begin animating)
Saturday, May 19: 10am – 10pm (Work day #1)
Sunday, May 20: 10am – 10pm (Work day #2)
Monday, May 21: 10am – noon (Work day #3, films due)

If you wish to stay at QAS outside of these times, please arrange key access with QAS Staff.

Again, films are due at noon on Monday. If they’re not in our hands by then, your film will not be eligible for prizes and may not be screened.

We screen the finished films on Friday, May 25 2018 at 7pm at Emmedia. Free! Show up, bring your friends and family! The audience votes on the winners, so bring as many supporters as possible. 😉


This year’s theme is MONTAGE. It is a classic film editing technique that is in nearly every film and TV production once you start looking for it. From training montages, to passages of time, atmospheric, destructive, or romantic montages, a montage can be created to instill a lasting feeling or impression in your viewer’s mind.

A handy definition from TVTropes:

A montage (literally “putting together”) is a form consisting of a series of short shots which are edited into a coherent sequence. Or at least coherence was intended. Note that it takes more than a lack of dialogue and some overlaid music to be a montage. Montage is generally considered to be the opposite of Continuity Editing, so discontinuity is key. If the shots are short, but one flows into the next in real time, it’s not a montage, it’s just a tense scene.

This year we want you to include a montage in your Lockdown film! It can be just a scene in your animation, or the whole film could be a montage, it’s up to you! There’s so many ways to use this technique that we thought it would be fun to see how our animators approached it. This will also make our screening on Friday a montage of montages! Whee!

The montage was perfected by Soviet director and film theorist Sergei Eisenstein, who directed Battleship Potemkin in 1925. Since then it’s been ubiquitous in film and TV editing, you’ve seen a million montages we guarantee it. Below are some videos to prime your memory and inspire your amazing montage:


Strong Bad emails had a spot-on breakdown of montages:

The opening scene from Pixar’s UP is one of the most potent montages of the last decade:

The “NO CAPES!” scene from The Incredibles is also an, uh, incredible use of montage:

The final sequence in Masaaki Yuasa’s “MIND GAME” is a very detailed, dense montage:

Wes Anderson is a master of montage:

And, of course, the montage song and scene from Team America World Police:


We could go on and on but that should help you get a sense of it. Start planning your montages! Get animating! Animation Lockdown 2018: Montage Edition is GO!!!

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