Animation Style

Stop Motion, Cut Outs, Papercraft, Photoshop & Flash

Quickdraw Involvement

Quickdraw/NFB Scholarship 2012

Kristen Campbell was born in Ottawa, Canada, and due to her father’s career in the foreign services, has since expanded where she has lived to all over the world, such as Asia, Europe and Africa. She graduated from the American International School of Dhaka in 2004, and after a brief stint of working in an office, she rediscovered her passion for art and applied to the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2008. It was there that she first tried and began to appreciate animation. Since then, she has been exploring animation through various experimental techniques and materials, such as stop motion with papercraft and projected light.

Awards/Film Festivals


  • TIFF Student Showcase 2012 (Best Animation, Swift)
  • ECUAD President’s Award for Media 2012 (Best Animation, Swift)
  • ITFS Crazy Horse Session, 2012 (Best Film, Trixi Goes to the Moving Pictures, made in collaboration with Sitji Chou)


  • Montreal World Student Film Festival 2012 (official selection, Swift)
  • Air Canada enRoute Film Festival (official selection, Swift)



Fox Closeup Animation from H. Kristen Campbell on Vimeo.

Fox Closeup Animation

Trixi Goes to the Moving Pictures from H. Kristen Campbell on Vimeo.

Trixi Goes to the Moving Pictures