Kim Anderson

Animation Techniques/Mediums : Traditional hand drawn, mixed media, video

Kim Anderson was born in Regina and grew up in Calgary. She attended the Alberta College of Art and Design and transferred to Concordia University to study Film Animation. She graduated in 2005 and has since been painting and making short animated films in Calgary.

Quickdraw events/workshops/programs you’ve been involved in : I first came to Quickdraw as an ACAD student when the animation elective was held at QAS in 2001. It inspired me to continue animation and I transferred to Concordia the next year in the Film Animation program. In 2006 I returned to finish two films at Quickdraw, “2”, that premiered at GIRAF 2, and “the Fall” that premiered at GIRAF 4 and won the Best of Alberta award. I have been on the Board of Directors at Quickdraw 3 times since 2006, as President twice and currently as a Director. I have instructed a film camera workshop, Advanced Animation and Animation Fundamentals at Quickdraw.



For The Fall:

Best of Alberta 2008  GIRAF

For 2:

1st Prize TELETOON Continuing Education Scholarship  2006  Ottawa International Animation Festival

Excellence in Screenwriting 2007   Brooklyn Arts Council International Film and Video Festival

1st Runner-up Best Animation 2007   Dam Short Film Festival


Screenings :

The Fall, Animacursed International Festival of Horror Animation Brazil  2010

The Fall, KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival Netherlands                  2009

The Fall, Prairie Tales 11 Canada                                                    2009

2, Canada Day Celebration at Prince’s Island Park Canada                  2009

The Fall, Plastic Paper Festival Canada                                            2008

The Fall, Ottawa International Animation Festival Canada                   2008

2, Hiroshima International Animation Festival Japan                         2008

2, Edmonton International Film Festival Canada                               2007

2, Calgary Fringe Festival  Canada                                                2007

2, Nickel Independent Film Festival  Canada                                   2007

2, Blue Plum Animation Festival USA                                             2007

2, Prairie Tales 9 Tour Canada                                                     2007

2, Kalamazoo Animation Film International  USA                            2007

2, Herland Film and Video Festival  Canada                                   2007

2, Anifest International Festival of Animated Films Czech Republic     2007

2, Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts  Denmark                           2007

2, Bare Bones International Film Festival USA                                2007

2, Reanimacja International Animation Festival Poland                     2007

2, Ybor Festival of the Moving Image USA                                     2007

2, Redstick International Animation Festival  USA                           2007

2, Hi/Lo Film Fesival USA                                                           2007

2, Images Festival Canada                                                          2007

2, Anchorage International Film Festival  USA                                2006

2, Giant Incandescent Resonating Animated Festival Canada             2006



The Fall