Using the Black and White darkroom at Untitled Art Society:

Prices for QAS members (groups welcome): 30.00 per 5 hours

  • UAS will require a refundable 100.00 deposit to borrow keys outside of office hours

UAS will supply the following equipment:

  • enlargers
  • trays and buckets for developing
  • light safe tanks for developing 35mm, 16mm and 120mm film
  • d76 and dektol developer, stop bath indicator, fixer, hyperclear and photoflo

Note: UAS does not supply film or paper. Chemicals listed above may be in short supply, so please inquire ahead of time.

The UAS website has a calendar or darkroom bookings, please review the calendar at

Email with your desired date and time to book the darkroom

Drop by Satellite Gallery to pay rental fee, and pick up keys and chemicals/special equipment.

  • UAS accepts cash and cheque ONLY

Get to work!

Please clean up when you are finished, return equipment and keys to UAS and get your deposit back.

If you have any questions please contact Sally Raab at or 403 262-7911

UAS Satellite Gallery and Office:
343 11th ave SW
open Tuesday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM

403.261.5767 | | 2011 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T3C 0K4 |

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