New to the Indie Animation Mixtape: April 26, 2022

Four new animated beauties for your perusal, including a video for Fleet Foxes, a colourfully choreographed self-portrait, a dark-comic twist on pixilation, and the tale of a studly wolf discovering the world of sex work.

A tape labeled 'Indie Animation Mix-Tape!!!' pops out of a stack of tapes.

Craving another fix of animated shorts? Our Indie Animation Mixtape on Vimeo has four new beauties just for you. We've added Augostina Ravazzola's Pixied, a dark-comic spin on pixilation (stop-motion animation using people); Chintis Lundgren's acclaimed (and NSFW) NFB film Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wolves, in which a hot young wolf gets cornered into working as a gigolo; ShiShi Yamazaki's latest one-minute burst of rotoscoped self-portraiture; and Sean Pecknold's cinematic video for Fleet Foxes' "Featherweight".

There are well over 700 other videos on our ongoing Vimeo channel, so once you've made it through the films below, make sure to dig through the archives. And remember: Mixtape content can be NSFW in places, so viewer discretion is always advised.

Agostina Ravazzola
8:24 | 2018

A dark-comic spin on pixilation, a stop-motion technique using people in place of puppets, Agostina Ravazzola's short film shows what happens when a character who thinks he has magic powers discovers he's just part of a filmmaker's project.

Chintis Lundgren
18:04 | 2019

Spinning off from Lundgren's previous short, Toomas... follows the hot young plumber who disrupted Manivald's life as circumstances push him into life as a gigolo and sexploitation film star. Needless to say, this one is NSFW, and not for young audiences.

ShiShi Yamazaki
1:03 | 2022

On the one hand, you absolutely know what you're getting when ShiShi Yamazaki releases a film. On the other, her rotoscoped dance parties are so joyous it's hard to complain. Her latest is another choreographed self-portrait, bursting with mixed media colour.

Sean Pecknold
4:25 | 2021

Well established as a music video director with a flair for stop-motion animation, Sean Pecknold wrote and animated this short about a wounded hawk for Fleet Foxes' song "Featherweight." If his style grabs you, we highly recommend checking out his series The Unknown, especially the bold colours and strange geometry of his short Ornetica Hesse.