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Screenshot of Victoria Vincent's Floatland (2018)
Image of a girl looking at a screen to the left of the frame. She has blue long hair in a ponytail and is holding a game controller. Behind her is a dirty room filled with clothing, bottles, posters, empty bowls, cigarettes and prescription bottles

The range of moods it runs through in just over two-and-a-half minutes is astounding. The fact she can do it in such an intuitively appealing way is why she's an artist you absolutely should be following.

Screenshot from Andy Kennedy's Slow Wave (2016). Image is of a warped bedroom, looking at the bed on a tilt, wiht a night stand next to it. There are two windows on the right wall and a light above the bed. There is a portal directly above the headboard of the bed radiating a bright neon pink that douses the room with its light.

The first half of the film shows the unease that accompanies those restless nights where sleep never seems to come. The second shows that falling asleep isn't always so great, either.

Recent opportunities

Posted Mar 25, 2023

JOB CALL: Festival Coordinator for FascinASIAN Film Festival

part-time contract (20 hrs/week) to full time in festival - approx. $2500/month April-May

FascinASIAN Film Festival is seeking a Festival Coordinator, in other words someone who loves to do what comes their way and shares our passion, work ethic and has ideas to bring this event to life taking place in May 2023.

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Posted Mar 16, 2023

The Intermediate Animators Production Residency is a production-focused program offered by the Quickdraw Animation Society (or QAS) intended to assist an emerging or mid-level animator in completing an independent animated short film, and targeted towards animators developing their practice.

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Posted Mar 16, 2023

JOB CALL: 3D Animator for Squid Brain Studios

9-month contract, $31.20/finished second of animation

Squid Brain Studios is looking for talented 3D animators to work on the next 3D episode of "Ghost Toast". Ghost Toast lives in a world where Hollywood's classic monsters are baked into a soufflé of food puns. Ghost Toast and his friends explore Bran Castle and their own relationships.

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A mysterious creature stands with outstretched arms under a glowing light

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