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digital illustration of a blue cat with red eyes pouncing on a black and yellow snake with red eyes and teeth

The CRT glow and chunky lines recall old Amiga art, and the constant morphing between keyframes gives the whole thing an eerie feeling—more of a ghost of technology past than an exercise in nostalgia.

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Posted Jan 23, 2024

DS4Y & Quickdraw MOCAP Residency

6 week residency, to be completeted approx feb 13 to mar 23

Recently, Quickdraw has acquired 2 Rokoko Smartsuite II motion capture suits and we're excited to support ONE resident artist to explore the ways this technology intersects with their discipline, depending on their interests and abilities.

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Posted Nov 14, 2023

Straight-Ahead Scholarships and Production Residency

Applications will be accepted in 2024 - stay tuned for more details

A Mentor-focused program offered by the Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) intended to assist neurodivergent Youth (16-25 years of age) in learning animation or animation adjacent processes (gaming, 3D, storyboarding, etc) and discovering potential career pathways.

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Make your Mondays a little more pleasant with a newly curated short film each week, plus our insights into why we love them.

A mysterious creature stands with outstretched arms under a glowing light

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