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Quickdraw's Classroom Schedule

See what's going on in the Quickdraw Space!

Classroom Bookings

Hours of Operation

Public Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: Noon – 5 PM
Sunday – Monday: Closed

FREE-SWIM: Saturdays, 1 PM - 5PM

Quickdraw is NOW open to the public! Drop-ins welcome, but do let us know if you have a rental pick up or drop off.

These hours reflect when Quickdraw is typically open to the general public. Courses, workshops and other programming may take place outside these hours.
Producing members may apply for after-hours access. After Hours Technician Assistance is available by appointment only. Email Erin Saunders, Production Direction production@quickdrawanimation.ca for appointments. An extra technician fee will also be applied.

Classroom Information

All membership tiers (Associate, QuickKid and Producing) have the ability to come in and use the classroom during our public or Free Swim hours provided they aren't being used for other projects, events or classes.

If you're not a Quickdraw member, sign up so you can take advantage of our wonderful room and resources

Free Swim is our guaranteed-supervised drop-in time in the classroom. Free Swim is every Saturday from 1:00pm - 5:00pm unless otherwise specified on the calendar. Free Swim allows members to come and use the classroom to work on their projects while having someone on-hand to help with software and hardware troubleshooting, animation advice, and more.

Free Swim also has occasional Deluxe Free Swim Days (tentative title: Animarobics) where we put on mini-workshops and artist spotlights. All information will be posted on the calendar and emailed out to our newsletter. If you have any interest in Running a Deluxe Free Swim, please reach out to Theresa at education@quickdrawanimation.ca

Quickdraw's classroom contains 10 iMac computers, Wacom Intuos 4 tablets for member use, and every drawing and animation supply you can imagine. Please reach out to Erin Saunders at production@quickdrawanimation.ca for more information if you have a specific project you want to work on.

Producing members have the ability to book our private studios including our Hot Desks. More information can be found here.