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New to the Indie Animation Mixtape: January 26, 2022

Visual experiments, poetic emotional journeys, and playful explorations of culture and storytelling—it's another half-dozen new additions to our ongoing Vimeo channel

A tape labeled 'Indie Animation Mix-Tape!!!' pops out of a stack of tapes.

We're happy to share another collection of gems we've recently added to our ongoing Vimeo channel. Starting with a short experiment from a master of controlled chaos, the films here include a favourite from last year's Transcendental Animation shorts pack at GIRAF; a visual poem that digs into some deep, dark emotional territory; a tribute to a father's quick-witted storytelling; one of 2021's best animated music videos, and another brief experiment in visual storytelling. It's a great bunch of films; we hope you'll love them as much as we do.

Primary Expansion
Johan Rijpma
1:00 | 2012

There are experimental filmmakers, and then there are experimental filmmakers. Rijpma's films are based around physical processes, translating the chaos and complexity of the real world into images that are easy to understand, but still unpredictable. His films often feel as much like lab experiments as traditional animation, which only adds to their charm.

Mauvaises Herbes
Elodie Ferrer
4:29 | 2020

Not to be confused with the NFB short of the same name (this one's English title is Weeds, the other is Bad Seeds), Ferrer's film was a favourite in our Transcendental Animation program at GIRAF17. Tension and flexibility, humanity and nature, representation and abstraction—the line between all of them bends near breaking. Incredible sound design adds to the intensity, a fine counterpoint to the simple, stylized imagery.

Matthew Lyons
1:51 | 2017

A somewhat ambiguous experimental short, exploring frustration, creative block, and changes of environment.

My First Skate Video
Serena Hughes
12:00 | 2021

In this darkly poetic film, Hughes weaves together impressionistic pencil sketches and written text into a unique and deeply personal short. The phenomenal score adds to the contemplative mood, and while it plumbs some unpleasant emotional depths, there's a resilience to it that can't help feeling uplifting.

Kandittund! (Seen It)
Adithi Krishnadas
11:48 | 2021

Based on a conversation recorded in the 1990s, filmmaker Adithi Krishnadis takes a journey through folklore and mythmaking, describing his father's encounters with ghosts and other mysterious creatures. The cartoonish character designs and loosely drawn backgrounds are a playful complement to the imaginative stories.

Roxane Lumeret & Jocelyn Charles
4:41 | 2021

Last year featured an excess of incredible music videos, and Lumeret and Charles' video for L'Imperatrice's "Hematome" was one of the best. Shape-shifting characters, anatomical imagery and cartoon violence share the screen, the narrative driven as much by emotional and dream-logic as by any sense of continuity.