Ana Victoria Piñero

A look at the illustrations and animation of Ana Piñero.

From Ana:

My name is Ana and I love cartoons more than anything. I was born and raised in Venezuela where I studied Arts and graphic design, and now I live in Calgary where I continue making art and learning animation! Quickdraw Animation Society is a place that has supported me hugely in this. I am currently making an animated movie through their Chris J. Melnychuk scholarship and I’m bringing Paco (pig-dog main character) and friends to life!

Here is Paco in some situations:

Paco riding a giant flying turtle selling tomatoes to dogs in the clouds
Paco sitting on a bench at a bus stop that is also a giant mushroom
Nine character poses for Ana Piñero's pig-dog character, Paco
Illustration by Ana Piñero of a pig-dog creature named Paco strumming a ukulele

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