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Dylon Klemen-Hurrell

Dylon Klemen-Hurrell is a recent graduate from AUArts who specializes in animating to music, which he also composes.

Dylon Klemen-Hurrell is a recent graduate from AUArts who is currently working on his second film, based around visual music -- which he also composes. Long-time viewers may have already seen his first film, In Search of Harmony, at GIRAF 17. Here's a bit about him and his next project in his own words:

I am an animator and electronic musician currently working on my first ever funded project out of the lovely QAS studios. I have recently found great inspiration in the relationship between animated movement and music, imagining how electrons and other fundamental particles would dance and what music they might like. 

My current project, titled Echo, explores that relationship applied to concepts of creation and imagination, from the birth of the universe to the chaos of ideas. I hope to spend the next year feverishly drawing under the moonlight and pressing random piano keys to develop a proper cosmic big-banger." 

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