QAS members in print and on screen around the world

We have a trio of announcements from Quickdraw's membership to share this week. Before we get to them, though, just a reminder: we love hearing what folks are up to, and are happy to share your good news with the wider community. So let us know what projects you've been working on, and help us spread the word!

Up first: Longtime QASer and former staff member Tyler Klein Longmire has been posting some impressive glimpses of his upcoming AFA-funded film project over on Instagram. It's a departure from his past personal projects, which made heavy use of rotoscoping, but the 3D art shouldn't be any surprise for folks who've seen his interactive A/R installations over the last couple of years.

Tyler has also joined the team at Montreal-based boutique animation studio E.D. Films, and while we don't know exactly what he's working on, we're excited to find out.

Secondly: We've heard from QAS board member and former CJM Scholarship recipient Joanne Fisher that her film Stache and the Inner Walk will have one of its first in-person screenings at the Cardiff Animation Festival this April. The film has already racked up over a dozen festival screenings, but COVID has forced most of those events online. So if you happen to be in Wales this spring, don't miss the chance to see her amazing short on the big screen.

And lastly, our executive director Peter Hemminger has neglected to mention the launch of Landscape of Moving Images: A Compendium of Prairie Cinema, a publication from passionate prairie cinephiles Melanie Wilmink and Solomon Nagler. Peter wrote an essay "celebrat[ing] the distinct voice of Calgary’s animation scene, one effused with a scrappier, DIY lineage from those centres like Vancouver," as as Splice Magazine put it in their preview of the book. His work is joined by essays from a wide range of artists, including Calgary's Vicki Van Chau, and the book itself is absolutely stunning, including real pressed flowers and celluloid film in every copy.