Member Shout-Outs: Oct. 22 Edition

There's plenty of activity from Quickdraw's community to announce this week, so here are some of the highlights

Still from Natasha Faye Jensen's Gazing the Hothouse, at Canmore's artsPlace

Plenty of activity from Quickdraw's community to announce this week, starting with the artist whose work is pictured above, Natasha Faye Jensen.

A former recipient of our Chris J. Melnychuk scholarship for her film Sugar Town, Jensen has an ambitious exhibition running from now through Nov. 13 at Canmore's artsPlace. Titled Gazing the Hothouse, it's a multimedia exploration of "the human and global stories connected to the plant", looking at garden spaces "as a catalyst to talk about social and political change towards climate crisis, decolonization and gender equality."

In a pleasant coincidence, another QAS member has an event at artsPlace this weekend, too. Graduate student and Quickdraw student Santanu Dutta is part of the Critical Data Sense team at the University of Calgary, who are exhibiting an "art-tech installation" called Moral Horizons of Pain on Oct. 23 and 24. Participants will interact with physicians and researchers and consider two views of medical care, in an event that combines art, philosophy and technology.

Another CJM scholarship recipient, QAS board member Joanne Fisher has let us know about four more screenings of her film Stache and the Inner Walk, at the Craft International Animation Festival in Indonesia, Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow, Animae Caribe International Animation and Digital Media Festival in Trinidad and Tobago, and Tibilisi International Animation Festival in the country of Georgia. A year into its run, it's still going strong, and we couldn't be more proud.

Lastly, Isabelle Ackroyd, a Calgary-based story artist, character designer, and QAS member, is the Calgary Public Library's 2021 Children's Illustrator in Residence. As part of the residency, she'll be hosting online events, taking on one-on-one meetings, and has put together a handy list of recommended books from the library.

As always, if you have news about your own work, let us know. Lord knows we enjoy bragging about our community.