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Pure Concentricity

Frankly, some things are more fun when you choose not to overthink them.

A bare foot stepping on tall grass, surrounded by concentric circles of shaving cream

Usually we try to use these blog posts to provide context for the films you're about to see. We might give insight into a film's production, or talk about possible meanings to take away from a work. Even though we believe the films we're sharing would stand on their own, the hope is that our write-ups can encourage an even deeper appreciation of animation as art.

But it's the long weekend, we're already late on this week's post, and frankly, some things are more fun when you choose not to overthink them. So here's Evan Mann's Pure Concentricity, a short involving pixilation, nature, nude bodies, and shaving cream.

Happy Labour Day.

dir: Evan Mann
syn: Human beings wear concentric rings of shaving creams.

Pure Concentricity was created in the span of two weeks as a commission for Denver Digerati. Composed of sequential photographs, the animation was limited to the natural landscape, the human figure, and concentric circles of shaving cream.

Filmed using practical effects (No CGI)