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Songs of Quickdraw Animation Society (2025??)

Get a sneak-peak at what we're planning for our 40th year of QAS!

illustration of Chris J Melnychuck in front of stars and clouds.


On May 4th at the Garage Sale, we also rung in Quickdraw's birthday with some cake AND the announcement that we are making a Quickdraw Animation Society documentary!

Carol Beecher and Dylon Klemen-Hurrell have been hunting through our archives to try to encompass the history of the Quickdraw Animation Society, and boy howdy is there a lot of history! Starting as a "save-the-Boop" animation club in a hospital where many of the founders worked as neuroscientists (!!), they eventually founded Quickdraw Animation Society on May 4, 1984 and lived "one frame at a time". The fact that QAS has survived in Calgary of all places promoting independent animation is an impressive feat, so we are happy to spend all this year documenting its 40th year to produce a documentary film to be released in 2025.

Featured in this sneak-peak of some of the stuff you'll see in the doc include our original mascot Pencil Poke, Wayne Traudt accepting an award for his film Movements of the Body, and of course our lovely Kevin Kurytnik and Carol Beecher on the local news with their cat spreading the word of Quickdraw back in the 90s. There are so many more credits, but you'll just have to watch it for yourself to get all warm and fuzzy.

Happy birthday Quickdraw, to 40 more!

Produced by Quickdraw Animation Society with immense support from Carol Beecher.

tbd, ~2025