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Animation Link Roundup: March 19, 2022

GLAS and Annecy announce 2022 selections, Kate Beaton gets an AppleTV+ series, Animation Magazine chronicles Cartoon Movie, and AWN dives into the history of one of Canadian animation's most prominent studios

Close-up of a person wearing a traditional round Japanese hat, tied with rope; wind blows their hear over their face

• A big week for festival announcements. Annecy announced its 2022 lineup, which includes Calgary-based duo Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, along with the latest from GIRAF13 guest Sean Buckalew. Plus, California's always-excellent GLAS festival announced their 2022 lineup, which includes some of our favourites from last year's GIRAF, and a whole bunch of others we're still dying to see—like this bonkers-looking Canadian indie feature that is now very much on our radar
• Kate Beaton, the Nova Scotian web cartoonist behind the delightful and much-missed Hark a Vagrant, has turned her Princess and the Pony children's book into a new cartoon series debuting April 8th on Apple TV+
• Eleven years in the making, the sequel to Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots is officially actually happening, with a trailer and everything
• Fans of Canadian animation will get a kick out of AWN's dive into the history of Toronto animation production house, Nelvana, touching on Star Wars, Care Bears, Lou Reed, and other oddities
Cartoon Movie is where you go to get your first glimpse a the animated features that'll be making rounds and dropping jaws on the festival circuit for the next few years, and Animation Magazine has the rundown on this year's edition

For this week's featured trailer, Masaaki Yuasa unveiled another look at his upcoming Inu-Oh, and, oh, geez. Just... wow