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Animation Link Roundup: March 19, 2022

GLAS and Annecy announce 2022 selections, Kate Beaton gets an AppleTV+ series, Animation Magazine chronicles Cartoon Movie, and AWN dives into the history of one of Canadian animation's most prominent studios

Close-up of a person wearing a traditional round Japanese hat, tied with rope; wind blows their hear over their face

• No Calgary dates announced yet for GKIDS' North American premiere of Japanese film Pompo the Cinephile, but the film itself looks like a blast

• Netflix continues to expand its animated offerings with the announcement of a feature film from Jorge Gutierrez, whose Maya and the Three is one of the most stylish offerings on the streaming platform

• It'd be a bit much for us to plug the Animation Obsessive newsletter every week, but if they keep putting out thoughtful pieces like this balanced look at Darren Aronofsky's homage/ripping off of Satoshi Kon, we'll just have to keep sharing them

Mitchells Vs the Machines animator Michael Rianda shared some lessons he learned from working with Chris Miller and Phil Lord in a pretty fantastic Twitter thread

• And lastly, if you haven't been following The Animation Guild's rally for a stronger contract, Cartoon Brew has you covered

The GLAS animation festival announced its initial lineup last week, and this week they've shared the (stylish as always) signal film from director David Delafuente

Via CartoonBrew, promo film for The Bad Guys with the voice actors attempting to draw the main character is a nicely unique way to celebrate the film's artwork