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Arts Opportunities: April 1, 2022

Jobs at cSPACE, SAAG and the NMC, screening opportunities with the Calgary Black Film Festival, a Downtown Activation Grant, and national and municipal funding opportunities

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No rest for the weary, at least when it comes to trying for the latest opportunities from our federal and municipal arts funders. If there are projects you've been hoping to get to but need a few extra resources to get the ball rolling, it's time to get those grant-writing pencils sharpened.*

Up first: this coming Wednesday, April 6 is the next deadline for the Canada Council for the Arts' Research and Creation stream and Concept to Realization stream. The distinction between the two is a bit subtle, but if you're looking to finish a draft script, an animatic, pre-production, or any other phase of work that doesn't result in a finished work, that's Research and Creation. If the end result is a film that you're sending to festivals or an installation that will be exhibited somewhere, that's Concept to Realization. Both are due on the same day, but they're evaluated in slightly different ways, and applying for the wrong one can mean your application is disqualified, so make sure you apply for the right one.

(Just a small note: We've heard before that Alberta artists have a tendency to apply for full projects from start to finish where artists from other provinces get more mileage from the system by applying for individual phases of production. Remember, the system is based around the idea that you're splitting up your project into manageable chunks, so don't feel like you need to fit everything in one application.)

After that April 6 deadline, there's a tiny bit of breathing room before Calgary Arts Development's Project Grant for Individuals and Collectives is due on April 19. This one's a little smaller ($15,000 for individuals and $20,000 for collectives vs the Canada Council's $25,000), but it's a bit more flexible than the Canada Council grants, and is well worth a look. Based on the funding available, if everyone who applies gets the maximum funding, they'll be awarding 80-100 grants, which means competition is likely to be a bit stiff. If you want an extra eye on your application, let us know—we're always happy to help members with grant-writing and other professional supports.

One last thing: As with any grant application, if you're hoping to make use of QAS equipment in projects that you're applying for funding for, please let us know! It's always helpful for us to have a sense of how much demand will be coming our way, so we don't end up in a situation where multiple people need the same specialized equipment at the same time. That said, we would love to see people apply for projects making use of resources like our new Animator Cube, vintage Oxberry camera stand, and other specialized gear. That goes for local and national artists alike, so don't be afraid to reach out with your ideas.

Other Opportunities

• Tomorrow (April 2) is the last day to submit your film to the second Calgary Black Film Festival

• Calgary's National Music Centre is looking for an internet-savvy communicator to serve as Digital Marketing and Social Media Creator

• The Calgary Downtown Association wants to fund individuals and organizations to activate downtown spaces this summer. If you have ideas for events, art installations, or other activities that might bring life to Calgary's core, apply to the Downtown Activation Grant by April 29

• Lethbridge friends: the Southern Alberta Art Gallery is hiring a Communications Coordinator for a permanent, part- or full-time contract

• Looking for an administrative role that works with artists and non-profit organizations? cSpace Projects is hiring an Office Administrator

*"Grant-writing pencils" aren't actually a thing