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QAS Summer 2022 Hours

It’s been a busy time at Quickdraw over the last few months, and we wanted to give an update for what to expect for our summer hours: we are hoping to open our doors and return to Saturday Free Swim! Read on for details --

Hello from QAS Staff!

We may have been quiet for the last few weeks, but a lot has been going on under the hood!

It’s been wonderful to start reopening in many little ways other the last few months, and we wanted to give an update for what to expect for our summer hours: What can you expect for Quickdraw’s reopening?

Starting July 16, we will be moving from key-access only to unlocking our doors for members on Saturdays! We are open other days of the week too, but will be running a full course of summer camps for most of the month. However, Saturdays will be a return to an open Quickdraw with staff hanging around to drop by and catch up or answer questions.

Starting in August, we are excited to start bringing back our Free Swim programming! Saturdays from 1-5pm will be drop-in sessions for members to use our media lab and work on projects at your own pace. We will also be starting up a once-a-month informal animation learning club – have a special home-brew animation technique? Have a tutorial series that’s been on your back burner? Spread the knowledge and learn together with a group of other animation nerds!

Starting August 22, Quickdraw will be open to the public from 10am - 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday. That's right -- we will be fully open once more!

Please note that while masks are optional they are still recommended, and please stay home if you are feeling sick! We look forward to a safe return to having open studios.


The Quickdraw Team

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