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Motion Capture Workshop for Animators

will be giving a 3 hour crash course on everything you need to know to get your 3D characters dancing without making a single keyframe.

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June 30, 2023

6:30pm - 9:30pm


3640 15a St SE 3640 15A Street Southeast Calgary, AB T2G 3N5


Interested in learning more about motion capture and how to bring your polygons to life?

We will be giving a 3 hour crash course on everything you need to know to get your 3D characters dancing without making a single keyframe.

  • Starting with the hardware and principles we will cover the different types of motion capture and different use cases.
  • We will briefly cover performance capture and face animation capture.
  • It is important to cover the principles of modeling and rigging - Even if you don't build your own characters.
  • Without access to motion capture hardware, sources for characters and animation data are readily available. We will discuss how to find them and what to look for to make sure they are function in the workflow.
  • We will get hands-on experience with the Rokoko Motion Capture Workflow operating the suits, capturing and exporting data.
  • We will then explore the Maya Motion Capture Workflow when we apply and edit that data to our own characters.

If you have a laptop with Blender or Maya feel free to bring it in and follow along with the workshop!

Sasha Stanojevic is a computer graphics generalist. He has created computer art since the late 90s. He currently performs motion graphics, animation and VFX work as a freelancer, and is a TV studio Coordinator at MacEwan University.

Sasha previously worked as Lead Animator at the Banff Centre for 7 years and was instrumental in the creation of the Banff Centre VR Lab. He has worked with marketing agencies, large production companies such as National Geographic, and Sherpa Cinemas, as well as many independent artists, and directors.

In 2021 he helped implement and operate an Optitrack motion capture system, and Faceware performance capture for the video game studio Beam Dog. He is currently working on a collaboration with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and Tribal Imaging on an animated children's story using Rokoko Motion Capture Suits.

Inspired by technology, nature, and creative collaborators Sasha is always looking to connect with others. Feel free to contact him or view his work at

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