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Pencil Tests

A Quickdraw logo anijam, presented as part of the Particle + Wave festival's opening night celebration

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March 25, 2022March 25, 2022

Free outdoor projection at EMMEDIA's Particle + Wave festival; 8pm


QAS Studios: 2011 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T3C 0K4


With the launch of their new website, the Quickdraw Animation Society commissioned 10 members to remix their “snakey pencil” logo by creating a looping animation that will live on the website's landing page for years to come. For the Particle & Wave festival, they are excited to premiere the animations by illuminating their west windows and projecting the loops out into the world.

The snakey pencil logo can take many forms, and with this project, Quickdraw wanted to see how our membership could translate it into motion. The artists commissioned represent the different entry points people have found to stumble upon Calgary’s animation-focused artist-run centre. Some of the animators are alumni from QAS’ adult or youth classes. Others are current producing members, or have served on the QAS board of directors. Some are relatively new to Quickdraw, while others have been practicing animation with them for decades.

The contributing artists:
Toby Duska, Michelle Ku, Kes Lefthand, Tank Standing Buffalo, Joanne Fisher, Richard Reeves, Sofhi Janz, Brian Batista, Émilie Tremblay, Arielle McCuaig