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Advanced Animation (in-person)

Taught by

Carol Beecher

Drawing of a spaceman walking on an alien planet. The ground is pink, and the background has tall mountains and two moons
a smudged charcoal drawing of a woman, shoulders up.
a rough drawing of a frame in a whip motion. A little monster with two horns and two legs is holding a whip.

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2011 10th Avenue SW Calgary Alberta Canada T3C 0K4


Take a step further into the vastness of animation! This course focuses on intermediate techniques of animation such as rotoscoping, walk cycles, character animation, mouth sync, cinematic language, sound design, compositing and more! Up your skills and then put it to use in a narrative of your own creation.

Animation Fundamentals or equivalent is a pre-requisite for this course.

  • A Fundamental understanding of the 12 principles of animation. Either has taken Animation Fundamentals with Quickdraw or has done an equivalent amount of training outside.
  • Go through various animation exercises to improve your art
  • a simple narrative short animation with sound by the end of the course.