Blender 3D: Modelling and Rigging (In-Person)

screenshot of Blender showing a rigged and modelled figure leaning against a surface. The rigged "skeleton" is shown
Render shot of a modelled and rigged figure leaning against a surface.
Render shot of a character model. The model is of a girl with brown hair and brown eyes

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Quickdraw Animation Society, 2011 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K4


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This course will cover the process of creating a character, from sculpting to rigging. You'll start by creating/choosing a character. The first couple weeks will focus on sculpting, covering the basic tools then getting more specific. Focusing on thinking in 3D but using existing drawing skills. Then, retopology - where you really learn how a mesh works. Retopology involves re-building your mesh to something that will bend and twist properly once it is rigged and animated. Then, rigging - a bit more technical, but also fun because you get to start posing and moving your model. Learning how to use constraints to move multiple bones together to simplify the animation process. Finally, rig cleanup will create a nice, easy on the eyes control setup for your model, so that it is ready to be animated!

It is highly recommended to have a basic understanding in Blender before taking this course. Our Intro to 3D: Blender course can be a pre-requisite. The skills in Blender that are recommended include basic modelling, navigation of the interface and understandings of Edit versus Object Modes.

For further information feel free to contact, call 403-261-5767, or visit our offices. There are payment plans available if the course's price is at all a barrier to you.

Course Information

  • Basic understanding of the Interface of Blender (navigation, basic shortcuts for grabbing, scaling, rotating, and tabbing through the various modes)
  • Understanding of 3D space in a conceptual level
  • Idea for a character you would like to model and rig for animation purposes.
  • One fully modelled and rigged character for animation purposes in Blender. Instruction on how to sculpt, use high-level mesh work (reptology) and complex rigging techniques are covered in the class.
  • Materials/texturing might not be covered due to time.