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Drawing for Animation (In-Person)

Taught by

Émilie Tremblay

Concept art for a library scene in an animated film
Figure drawing of someone jumping while holding a staff
"Automatic Drawing" colourful scribbles over a bright neon green background

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January 23, 2024April 16, 2024

Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Quickdraw Animation Society, 2011 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K4


The famous animator, Richard Williams, said “Good drawing is not copying the surface. It has to do with understanding and expression. We don’t want to learn to draw just to end up being imprisoned in showing off our knowledge of joints and muscles. We want to get the kind of reality that a camera can’t get. We want to accentuate and suppress aspects of the model’s character to make it more vivid.”

In this course, you’ll learn to professionally design your characters in a way that gives them real… well… “character”. Learn how shapes and colours help express different personas and emotions. You’ll study some life drawing, perspective, environmental design, and the worx and come out of the course with a couple fully fledged characters and environments that you can take forward into your future animating projects!

Drawing from life is the best way to learn how to draw, period. Brian Batista, owner of Atelier Artista, located at Suite 410, 1721 - 29th Ave. SW, is graciously allowing our class to spend one of our sessions at his studio for a live-model short-pose drawing session! Please indicate in the form if you agree to the drop-in. Drop-in sessions are $20 one-time fee that you pay either online or at the door, and feature un-clothed models, so we request the class is directed to 18+. For more information please read this Etiquette for Figure Sessions guide.

Students will be warned ahead of time which day the live-drawing will be done, and will need to commit so we can confirm attendance numbers to Atelier Artista as soon as possible.

This is a 12-week in-person course with no classes on November 15th for our GIRAF animation festival.

For further information feel free to contact education@quickdrawanimation.ca, call 403-261-5767, or visit our offices. There are payment plans available if the course's price is at all a barrier to you.

Course Highlights

  • Create the building blocks of an animation project you can use for future projects. 
  • Help build up your portfolio with various examples of skills that can be used for various schools and grant applications.
  • Participate in an evening of short-pose live model drawing at a local art studio!

A Passion for art and drawing! Just you!

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