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Drawing for Animation (online)

Taught by

Émilie Tremblay

drawing of a character about to swing a staff

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September 15, 2021December 08, 2021

Wednesdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Zoom (online)


In this course, you’ll learn to professionally design your characters in a way that gives them real… well… “character”. Learn how shapes and colours help express different personas and emotions. You’ll study some life drawing, perspective, environmental design, and the worx and come out of the course with a couple fully fledged characters and environments that you can take forward into your future animating projects!

*Note: this is an online course. A webcam is required as well as a computer that will support Zoom. Students are expected to supply their own drawing supplies/software* 

Optional tablet rentals are available through Quickdraw

Course Requirements

  • A computer that can run Zoom with a webcam
  • A camera or scanner to submit work for critique
  • Drawing supplies (digital or traditional) - can include markers, pencils, pens, a drawing tablet with software, but needs to have at least a fineliner, a pencil, and some colouring supplies.
  • a ruler or straight edge to create straight lines
  • a mirror