Intro to Toon Boom Harmony (in-person)

Taught by

William Dyer

Toon Boom Harmony interface with a puppet character jumping for joy. The character is a purple monster with one eye on a long stalk, and red tennis shoes. The backdrop is a generic cityscape.
Illustration of a castle, the flags blowing in the wind and a moon is out.
illustration of two characters riding what looks like a robotic rhinoceros in a apocalyptic landscape.

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Quickdraw Animation Society, 2011 10ave SW


ToonBoom Harmony is a professional 2D animation software used globally in the Animation Industry. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the platform and learn your way around the program while creating multiple short projects to showcase your skills. Some animation fundamentals are required.

This is a 12-class course

  • Learn the basics of Toon Boom Harmony including tradigital animation, puppeting and rotoscoping
  • Exercises will allow students to learn the software to create their own animated projects