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2-day After Effects Beginner Boot Camp (IN-PERSON)

Taught by

Brian Batista

Image of two illustrated seahorses composited onto a blue and green underwater background with three-dimensional animated kelp leaves in the background
black background, with 11 small pink fish like shapes scattered about
A look at the After Effects workspace with a robot cutting a watermelon in the middle

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QAS, 2011 10 ave SW, Calgary AB T3C 0K4



After Effects is a vital program to know for any animator! It helps add those specific details and effects to your film that make it extra special.

This workshop is tailored to the animator and will teach basic interface and functionality, motion graphics basics, composition basics, and text use! Brian "Bunny" Batista is a long-time instructor at Quickdraw, and loves "Making art and Making Marks". He has extensive experience with After Effects professionally and educationally! You can check out his Youtube channel here

**It is very handy if you have your own After Effects/Adobe account, but please contact Erin at production@quickdrawanimation.ca if you need a license, since our numbers are heavily limited.

Workshop Details

  • Participants will learn through a series of exercises how to use the basics of Adobe After Effects
  • Compositing and effects basics to get you ready for finishing your films!
  • Motion graphics basics and tricks of the trade!
  • Fundamental animation knowledge
  • YOUR OWN Adobe License (optional, but handy to have)
  • Basic experience in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator a good asset.