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Animator Cube Training (in-person)

Taught by

Sohfi Janz

Promotional image for the Ditogear Animator Cube. Their logo is in the top left, and the image itself is of an armature that is held up with specific brackets to make the camera at the end of the armature move in 3D space
image of a plush cat in the middle of the frame, with various plastic figures around it
Screenshot of DMX controls to use the DitoGear Animator Cube

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Stay tuned for the next run of this workshop series!


2011 10th Avenue SW Calgary Alberta Canada T3C 0K4


In 2021 Quickdraw went through a few upgrades, and one of the most exciting is the debut of our brand-new Ditogear Animator Cube camera armature set up in our previous McInnes studio (now Animator Cube Studio!) 

This amazing piece of equipment is set up so you can capture images from every direction. Using our Dragonframe DMC Controller you can change the angle, height and direction of the camera throughout a 3D space that’s perfect for stop motion animation and even photogrammetry (scanning real-life images into a 3D digital environment)! 

We do know, however, how intimidating learning new (and expensive!) hardware can be, so we’re announcing two sessions of official Animator Cube training! At the end of one 4 week session, members will be given an “Animator Cube” credential on their membership, which allows them to use the studio without staff supervision.

Note: Due to the size of the Animator Cube studio, class size is limited, so sign up quick!

Workshop Details

  • Participants will learn how to safely and professionally operate our Ditogear Animator Cube
  • Participants will receive an "Animator Cube" credential on their membership
  • Participants will learn how to use the Dragonframe ARC motion control interface to move the camera
  • Participants will learn the Blender > Animator Cube workflow to import specific camera movements to fully take advantage of the possibilities of the cube!