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JOB CALL: Pre-Production Assistant for ABC Monstrosity

Shea Proulx, local author/artist, is seeking an assistant to help with pre-production on an animated version of her most recent book

Deadline to Apply: Applications will be accepted until February 26, 2023 at 9pm MST

Rate: $65/hour for 25-30 hours of work.

Position Details: Job is available pending funding:

Work will only be required if and when the project receives funding, with results showing up between July and September of 2023. The work would then be completed by June of 2023.

About the Project

ABC Monstrosity is a freaky-fun kids book where all the illustrations for the letters of the alphabet combine to form educationally icky monstrosities. It was nominated in the best illustrated category by the Alberta Publisher’s Association in 2020. Shea is in the process of applying to fund an animated version of her technicolour book. She is looking for a production-assistant with a background in animation to attach to her grant, to strengthen her proposal and demonstrate a commitment to this delightfully dark project.


  • Storyboarding
  • Animatic production
  • Sound design
  • Ability to move between traditional and digital animation skills as need be

Description of Duties:

  • Expand on the existing artwork in ABC Monstrosity, in a similar style, to create a more complete set of storyboards
  • Assist Shea is the creation of an animatic that will be used as a basis for animation, and also serve a promotional function in the acquisition of further funds for full production
  • Offer creative insight into the creation of audio for the film, so that it can become the backbone of the final animation
  • Create a few seconds of animation in a style that will be representative of the final project


Please a letter of interest to with the subject line “ABC Monstrosity – Assistant: Your Name.” Please also include a link to animation or video work, or a sample of storyboarding work for animation or video. No work will be downloaded, or included in any funding applications without the applicant’s express permission.

A letter of interest should include:

  • who you are
  • how this project relates to your professional and/or artistic practise
  • what related skills you would bring to this project
  • any history or special interest you might have in educational children’s entertainment
  • an indication of whether you might be interested in being hired as a line artist or colourist for the final animated production, which will be about 2.5 minutes in length, pending further funding

This application is open to individuals of all races, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and abilities. My home studio has stairs at both entrances but I am open to meeting with you at the Quickdraw animation studio, whose main facility is accessible to wheelchair-users, or at other appropriate and accessible locations (ex. libraries, cafes). Please let me know if accessibility would be of concern in your application and we will work to make sure to accommodate so that this is a great experience for you.