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JOB CALL: Bearpaw Media and Education illustrator/animator

Bearpaw Media and Education is doing an artist call for an illustrator/animator to help make an animated story that is part narrative and part dialogue.

CALL FOR: Illustrator/Animator

Working Title: Indigenous Peoples Health Rights

Deadline for Applications: July 18, 2022

What is the project (short synopsis):

  • 5-minute animation.
  • Animated story that is part narrative and part dialogue - Granddaughter helps Moshum deal with discrimination in health care.
  • Work to be completed August 17, 2022 - March 3, 2023
  • Interested in rotoscope animation but willing to discuss other styles that may suit this project

Direction for Animation:

  • Hand-drawn style with colourful creative elements (objects and backgrounds)
  • Unique transitions between scenes.
  • Indigenous people and their experiences are the heart of this animation, resiliency and agency are highlighted as a strength.
  • Knowledge of Indigenous cultures, understanding of historic trauma.


We strongly encourage Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and racialized persons to submit application ideas. We are happy to answer any questions you might have prior to applying. If this topic speaks to you, please apply!

The chosen animator will work closely with the director. Through consultation with animator/illustrator, the director will create a storyboard before work begins. Deliverables may be slightly adjusted below for a deal memo, however, the final delivery date is a hard deadline.

Aug 17/22 Storyboard Review with Animator

Aug 24/22 Storyboard Review with Animator

Sept 1/22 Start illustration and Animation

Oct 21/22 Animation Draft 1 (0-2.5 minutes - character forms drawn and animated)

Nov 18/22 Animation Draft 2 (2.5-5 minutes - character forms drawn and animated)

Dec 16/22 Draft 3 (0-2.5 minutes - backgrounds/effects/transitions)

Jan 20/23 Draft 4 (2.5 - 5minutes - backgrounds/effects/transitions)

Feb 24/23 Draft 5 Full Animation - including opening title and credits for review

Mar 3/23 Final Master Delivered

Budget: $50 per completed second as outlined in deal memo

To Apply:

Please email your CV, portfolio/demo reel in a zipped folder, and send website URL and other links of your work (if available) to lese-skidmore@ncsa.ca

Example of animation style: