JOB: NFB Marketing Manager

NFB is seeking a person self-identifying as First Nations, Inuk or Métis in a Marketing Manager role for their North West Studio

Deadline to Apply: August 11, 2022

Location: Vancouver, Edmonton or Winnipeg

Flexibility Profile: Hybrid

Division: Distribution, Communications and Marketing

Department: Marketing

Are you passionate about great storytelling, about exploring the topics that matter, about pushing the boundaries in new audiovisual experiences? So are we. As Canada’s public producer and distributor, the National Film Board has been telling the country’s stories and pioneering breakthroughs in virtually every field of audiovisual content since 1939. But to do this, we need a team that truly reflects the richness and diversity of Canada. If you’d like to be a part of this team—and part of the NFB’s incredible legacy—we’d love to hear from you.

In accordance with the NFB’s Indigenous Action Plan, we are committed to transforming the face and institutional culture of the NFB; to playing a leadership role in the industry through the changes we are making; to entrenching representational equity for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and urban Indigenous creators; to adopting Indigenous-led protocols for working with Indigenous content and subjects; to making our collection of Indigenous works more accessible; to proactively connecting this work to Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences; and to nurturing this collection for generations to come.

Under the leadership of J’net Ayayqwayaksheelth, the NFB’s inaugural Director of Indigenous Relations and Community Engagement, the NFB is becoming a more culturally safe workplace, with a new monthly Indigenous Support Circle, mental health support, an Indigenous caucus to provide a safe space for Indigenous employees and collaborators, continuous professional learning in Indigenous cultural competency for all staff, and more inclusive human resources practices, to make a few.

This role supports the NFB’s North West Studio, which has long been a vigorous champion of Indigenous filmmaking, producing landmark works by many of the most distinguished First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists in Canada. To properly serve and represent these communities, the Studio now has three Indigenous producers as part of the team. It is equally important that we bring Indigenous expertise and perspectives to the Marketing department to help serve the productions and creative teams working within this Studio.

In keeping with the commitments made in the NFB's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Planthis position is exclusively open to persons who self-identify as First Nations, Inuk or Métis.

The NFB is also committed to developing inclusive, barrier-free selection processes and work environments. Feel free to advise us of any accommodation needs.

Position Details

Summary of Duties

Provides marketing expertise to optimize the marketing and distribution potential of selected projects, in support of an overall marketing strategy. Designs, develops and prepares a marketing plan for each project assigned, in accordance with the Distribution, Communications, and Marketing (DCM) division’s overall process and strategic objectives. Implements and manages detailed marketing plans for projects. Manages the development of the project aesthetic and the production of promotional material, including value-added material when deemed relevant. Analyzes project performance based on established goals; prepares reports on marketing activities and project performance.

Major Responsibilities

  • As project manager, manages the DCM process, writes reports and preliminary marketing plans, and creates work schedules for each assigned project.
  • Develops marketing strategies and activities aimed at publicizing and promoting projects and supporting overarching marketing goals, in consultation with producers, creators and DCM colleagues, and in keeping with the strategic objectives of other departments in the division.
  • Prepares a marketing plan for each assigned project, including a brief description of the production, available rights, distribution position statement, objectives, target audiences, networks, partners, festivals and sponsorships, and planning schedule (may include suggestions for the creation of merchandise, educational products, collection projects and mail promotional campaign); develops a preliminary budget.
  • Supports Canadian and international pre-sale efforts by ensuring the production of promotional materials.
  • Reviews pre-sale agreements and, if required, advises producers on changes to be made and/or clauses to be amended or deleted in order to maximize marketing and distribution opportunities.
  • Communicates the project’s positioning and briefs the teams concerned (publishing, press relations and social media staff) to ensure consistency of promotional operations.
  • Helps integrate the expected results into the overall marketing plan.
  • Organizes launch activities (premieres, previews, niche theatre screenings) and participation in film events and other public showings.
  • Monitors promotional, distribution and advertising activities related to the launch of the project and/or its website and other events, based on the marketing plan and budget.
  • Monitors all expenses involved in implementing the marketing plan and controls the budget for marketing activities in their sector.
  • Assembles data on distribution activities (performance indicators).
  • Identifies the projects that require a detailed press review and ensures that it is conducted.
  • On request, prepares a report on the marketing and distribution of specific projects.

Required Qualifications

  • Five (5) years of related experience.
  • Solid experience and knowledge in marketing cultural products.
  • Ability to fluently communicate orally and in writing in English.
  • Ability to evaluate written and graphic components of promotional materials, manage budgets, prioritize workload and work within a team as well as lead teams and projects.
  • Knowledge of different online advertising tools, social media platforms and their use as part of promotional strategies.
  • Knowledge of an Indigenous language/dialect spoken in Canada and/or the ability to demonstrate a connection to an Indigenous community is an asset.

Personal Qualities

  • Interest in emerging trends and good practices in marketing.
  • Judgment, initiative, leadership, analytical abilities, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to negotiate and work as part of a team.
  • Ability to plan and work on several projects simultaneously and to meet objectives and deadlines under pressure.


Interested candidates with the above qualifications are invited to apply in writing, including a copy of their résumé to, BY AUGUST 11, 2022, citing competition number: JR-00021314.

Please note that only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.