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JOB CALL: Lead 2D Animator (part-time)

Just Keep Going Reel for the Connect Project is looking for an experienced animator with a sensibility to accessibility!

About the Project

An unexpected shift from human social connection to physical social disconnection has caused people like Jenelle living in London and Kenika living in Ottawa, as well as those living in the same city to become socially isolated. The current pandemics's response to this shift has been to move all communications digital platforms, namely, video chat. In the cast of Jenelle (culturally Deaf) and Kanika (hearing and unable to stare at a screen), video chat makes their connection difficult.

Even if written English was used as a common language, Jenelle wonders how to get her thoughts across; these typed words could not be receivable with no access to the screen, and Kanika lacks any way to communicate visually. Not even speech nor posting pictures on the screen would be possible.

How can we connect? The loss of connection is a strange feeling.

What Type of Work

The Connect Project is currently in Phase 2, where it encourages all to appreciate different perspectives, shifting the lens from one that focuses on barriers, to one that celebrates humanity. It deconceptualizes the meaning of 'inclusion', demonstrating the transformative power of art o enable this cultural shift. This multidisciplinary project brings together a core team of artists to explore the creation of new models to showcase equitable viewing experiences of artistic content produced across multiple mediums.

We are seeking an experienced animator with a sensibility to accessibility and eagerness to explore different possibilities to join our creative team working with Deaf Artists. The team is made up of a core creative team including a Lead Editor, Art Director & Storyboard, Lead Writer, and Podcast/Audio Producer. You will also be working with supporting creative professionals such as assistant editors, animators, sound designers and more depending on the type of support you need. The candidate should also have a passion for inclusion and an interest in learning more about how to create equitable viewing experiences for all audiences.

Length of Contract:

From May to October with the possibility of extending into Phase 3

Skill/technology requirements:

The successful candidate will have experience in creating an animated project. Experience with cut paper animation and Dragonframe Stop Motion will be given higher priority.


Please provide a portfolio or reel samples with a description of your specific involvement in each production. Include your CV and a short statement describing your interest in the project.

How to Apply:

Send CV, Short Statement, and Portfolio/reel samples to connectfilmproject@gmail.com

Image of two figures waving at each other. The text reads, "CONNECTION IS POSSIBLE" - Create art without language barriers. Anything is possible. Around teh figures there are letters, postage boxes and stamps. The two figures are wearing pink shirts