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Bolex H16 lens: Vario Switar 86EE (18mm-86mm f/2.5)


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Non-Member - $10.00


Manual lens for Bolex H-16 reflex cameras. Big telephoto lens, takes up 2 slots on Bolex turret. 1:2.5, f18, 86mm. "Vario Switar 86EE (18mm-86mm f/2.5) This lens was introduced in 1964, as the first "Electric Eye" 16mm zoom lens. It was designed specifically for H-16 reflex cameras and featured a fully automatic diaphragm control with a cadmium sulphide photo resistor which was sensitive to film ratings from 10-400 ASA. The exposure meter was powered by one (1) PX-13 1.35v mercury cell battery. Minimum aperture of f/16. Weight: 2 lbs, 4 oz. Accepts Series VIII filters."