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DS4Y PEP Residency Announcement: Sohfi Janz!

We are excited to announce the recipient of our 2023 Procedural Electrifying Projection (PEP) Residency!

headshot of Sohfi Janz. She has blue-green eyes, long shoulder length brown hair, and is wearing a dark red shirt. She is looking into the camera.

We are excited to announce the recipient of our 2023 Procedural Electrifying Projection (PEP) Residency DS4Y receipient, Sohfi Janz!

About Sohfi:

Sohfi Janz is Calgary-based artist with a fascination for proceduralism and interactive media. She graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2021 with a Bachelors of Design in Character Design with a minor in Animation. Self-taught in Blender and the Godot game engine, she is constantly experimenting and learning new ways of understanding and using digital technology to create artwork.

PEP Project Proposal:

With this project I aim to explore and share the fun of interacting with procedural systems - and just how collaborative they can be. Through exposing the control of certain variables, the final experience will allow the viewer the alter the system and observe how it responds to their changes, creating an ever changing image. To achieve this I will be using the Godot game engine to explore various generative algorithms and agent-based simulations to create a dreamworld like space - not tied to the laws of reality, but simply to the whims of the viewer.

See more of Sohfi's mind-bending procedural goodness at her portfolio.

Sohfi will be working at QAS over the month of February in one of our Hot Desk Studios to work on her project!

This project was funded by the Government of Canada, through the Digital Skills 4 Youth Scholarship presented by the Quickdraw Animation Society.

For a taste of the procedural beauties Sohfi can create, here are some examples: