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Quickdraw Holiday 2022 Schedule

We're getting close to the Quickdraw staff hibernation season! Closed Dec 18 - Jan 14

A still from Pete Docter's Winter (1988). A winter scene with houses on a street, and many kids in snowsuits in their front yards struggling to move due to the restrictions of the clothes their parents shoved them into

The Winter has arrived in full force (stay warm everyone!), which means it's that time for Quickdraw and that means it's time again for the Quickdraw holiday closure, a chance for staff to get a break and sleep for three weeks to restore our energy. We had an absolute amazing time bringing GIRAF18 back in person, seeing everyone and enjoying how animation can truly be an event, not just something you make or watch. After GIRAF though, all staff have earned a rest with their families.

From Sunday, Dec. 18 through Saturday, Jan. 14, staff will have limited availability and will only be checking email sporadically. If you're looking to rent any gear or book studio access during that stretch, please reach out as soon as possible to our Production Director, Erin Saunders through Also remember that our Adult and Youth Classes are back next semester, so book quick as spots are limited!

Finally, as always, we appreciate your patience and understanding with the closure, and hope you have a happy holidays!