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NO FREE SWIM: National day of Truth and Reconciliation

Quickdraw will be closed in honour of those those who survived the residential schools, and those who didn't make it home.

NO FREE SWIM THIS SATURDAY image in orange/red

This Saturday is both the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt day. Quickdraw studios will be closed, and as a result there will be no free swim. As usual, Quickdraw will be open to key-holder members, but please contact Erin at production@quickdrawanimation.ca if you need to pick up/drop off any equipment over the weekend.

the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is reserved for learning about, honoring and supporting indigenous communities. To get you started on some films to watch in the animation world, you can watch some of our Monday Shorts such as How to steal a Canoe, , The Visit, and Flood, or go through the amazing NFB Vistas series, some films of which we've talked about already or are mentioned in our Indigenous PAW Pack.


-QAS Team