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Transforming classrooms, one frame at a time …

The Quickdraw Animation Society’s Portable Animation Workshop (PAW) Studios use the latest in animation software, along with the expertise of our talented instructors, to bring a fully functioning animation studio into classrooms and other environments throughout Calgary.

To request a PAW Studio workshop for your school or group, please fill out our  detailing your needs and interests.

PAW Studio Information

What is a PAW Studio?

Two professional animators come into your classroom with 10 animation stands, computer with animation software, and drawing supplies. We take your students through the process of making a short (30-50 second) animated film, and in longer-form residencie, can go through any Program of Study to customize animated deliverables

PAW Studio Pricing

Half day (3 hours) = $450 for the first day, $400 for subsequent days*.

Full day (6 hours) = $650 for the first day, $600 for subsequent days*.

*Note, a fee of $50/day will be added if the PAW equipment cannot be stored overnight in a locked room for take-down/set-up for multi-day residencies.

Please reach out to us for pricing options for longer-term residencies

Previous Successful Projects

  • Mathematics - matrices and fraction visualization
  • Social Studies - reports on famous historical figures
  • Sciences - Life cycles, rock cycles
  • Drama - pixelation (human animation) for presenting stories
  • ELA - storytelling, plot structure, novel studies
  • CTS - After Effects

PAW Studio FAQs

The Quickdraw PAW Studio will come to you!

  • Our equipment is transportable and we have everything that you and your group needs to be successful
  • Can travel anywhere including, festivals, retreats, classrooms, seminars, summer camps, reserves and more
  • The format is flexible (having been used for corporate team-building as well as classroom learning), and can accommodate a range of ages, event-formats and schedules

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has ongoing support available for schools running this type of program.

Apply for funding for artist residencies

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provides residency program funding assistance directly to Alberta schools. There is one application deadline per year. This May 1 deadline provides funding assistance for projects that will take place the following school year.

The AFA provides up to $15,000 per school per year. Depending on your location, this can be used to cover either 50% or 75% of the total cost of the residency, excluding GST.


1. Send your Workshop Request Form to Quickdraw so we can put you into the schedule and start the application process.

2. Before applying to the AFA, the school must know the dates of the workshop.

3. We can give you suggestions on how to write the application and review it before it goes to the AFA.

4. Submit your application through the AFA’s online granting system by midnight on April 1, 2017.

5. The AFA juries the applications in May, and will inform you in June if the application was successful.

6. If it was not successful, we can discuss your proposed program to if it can still go ahead without AFA funding.

8. You are not required to go ahead with the program if you do not receive AFA funding approval, and there will be no cancellation fee.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Grant Application Forms and Guidelines

Arts and Education Grant Guidelines

Tips for Applying


PAW Studios are very flexible in terms of residency length, content, deliverable and expectations, as well as other options including using aspects of our PAW Flipbook Program. Please reach out to customize your PAW Studio experience.

We recommend PAW Studio starting at around age 8, so grade 2 or higher due to the technology demand and computer literacy required. However, if your school wants to have a full residency including your younger grades, we include PAW Flipbooks into the PAW Studio program to allow the students to gain animation fun and education!