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PAW Flipbooks can be in person or online, depending on your needs. Please specify when registering.

Put the magic of animation in your students’ hands with our flipbook workshops!

We either use a virtual space to connect your students with a local professional animator and to teach your students how to create a flipbook from materials you have around your classroom, or we can come to your location with our own Flipbook Kit to walk through making a flipbook with hands-on examples. From there, we guide them in creating a fun and creative story through flipbook animation.

The workshop runs for 1-2 hours, with lots of time to learn about animation and create a fun project. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the animation industry from a working artist.

*Please ask if you have interest in longer-form animation workshops that incorporate other pre-camera animation toys.


For in person, we ask for an open space with desks, and your own choice of drawing supplies. We supply the flipbooks and pencils.

For online, we ask you have access to computers that can run Zoom, a webcam, projector or smart board, and additional office materials.

Your students will leave with a better understanding of movement, drawing, animation and possibly a new creative passion.

This workshop is great for all ages from Kindergarten to Grade 12. For younger groups, the focus will be on the fun of animation, exploring colours, shapes, story ideas and more.

In the past we have done PAW Flipbooks in conjunction with our PAW Studio program for younger ages, as well as introduce other animation toys such as thaumatropes and phenakistoscopes, which are also present in our educational resources PAW Packs. If you have a younger group, or a small amount of time to work with to have students learn the wonder of animation, consider these options!

Older groups will have the opportunity to learn more about the industry and what working as an independent animator entails.

Booking Multiple Workshops: We are able to book multiple days for this workshop if you would like a workshop for each grade/class in your school.

Please register with our form, but if you have any additional questions, please contact