vector image of a twisted QAS pencil, like a paperclip, in a seafoam colour

About Tank Standing Buffalo

Tank Standing Buffalo believes that there is too much cool stuff in the world and not enough time to do it in. He has studied many mediums and taken on many disciplines to better his skills in art. FOor a number of years Tank has drawn comic books for the Eaglespeaker Connection, a native run comic that is distributed worldwide. Tank has shown in many art galleries doing solo and group shows. He spent a year and half on Vancouver Island where he apprenticed as a traditional Totem carver under master carver Phil Ashbee. Tank has a passion for restoring pinball and old arcade games back to their former glory. He's designed for Tiki Farm, the world's foremost maker of Tiki mugs. He works at Big Johnson Tattoos as a tattooist. His biggest work can be seen annually at Screamfest here in Calgary where he works as Lead Art Director, designing and building Haunted attractions. Tank has directed a handful of music videos, worked on many movie sets as a Special FX and makeup artist, he has won a few awards and been acknowledged in this field. He's designed countless gig posters, T-shirts for bands, events and even wrestling. Tank has turned his attention to animation and would like explore the possibilities that is unique to the art form.

image of Tank Standing Buffalo. He is looking to the right in front of a sound-proofed wall. He is wearing a satchel, and a beige long-sleeved shirt. He has a beard and shaggy hair pinned back. He has tattoos on his hand and wrist

CJM Scholarship Film: Still - by Sammy Jean

Still - by Sammy Jean will be an animated music video. Sammy Jean Is a local musician on the cusp of international attention, she has won the Canadian Icon competition and recently made the finals for Calgary Folk Fest's writing competition. Sammy also won the Groove Theory competition earning her spot on this year's Reggaefest. Her style is Soul-Reggae-Ska-Motown. You can find her playing at Below Deck Tavern most Thurssdays. This collaboration between Tank and Sammy will mix Tank's attention to detail style with Sammy's R&B groove.
You can both find Tank Standing Buffalo and Sammy Jean's pages on Facebook.