vector image of a twisted QAS pencil, like a paperclip, in a seafoam colour

About Mihaela Slabe

Mihaela Slabe is a Calgary born artist with her head in the clouds. Dark, stormy, thunderous clouds. She draws inspiration from dreams, emotions, and personal experiences that illustrate the darker side of her mind and the complexity of the feminine psyche. Graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA in Media Arts and Digital Technology in 2015, she now works as an Art Facilitator for Prospect Human Services.

Mihaela Slabe is looking at the camera, her mouth pursed, holding both her hands up with two fingers up on each hand. She has short dark down hair, brown eyes, has a nose ring, and is wearing a black top

CJM Scholarship Film: TIDES

Tides is a film about the relationship between light and dark within us all. It is about the person behind the smile, the exhaustion of pretending, and how it is sometimes needed to give in to our darker tendencies in order to survive. ‘Tides’ plays with the relationship between cycles of the moon and cycles of being. In the end, a new phase emerges.