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vector image of a twisted QAS pencil, like a paperclip, in a seafoam colour

About Natasha Jensen

Natasha Jensen is a Calgary-based visual artist; curator and community advocate who champions engaging audiences and community in meaningful dialogue about social issues through art. Natasha graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing (with Distinction) and since completing her undergraduate degree, she has continued to develop an interdisciplinary practice to include drawings, installations, site-specific projects and animations working with art organization like Five AM Art and Merchandise, Swallow-A-Bicycle theatre, Quickdraw Animation Society, Stride Gallery, CASA Gallery, and Old Trout Puppet Workshop. In 2016, she received the Chris J Melnychuk Memorial Scholarships for Emerging Animators at Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, Alberta where she’s been honing her skills as an animator.

Natasha Jensen headshot. She is looking at the camera while holding an umbrella that has clouds on it. She has brown hair tied up in a bun, and is wearing a denim jacket

Artist Statement

In her artwork Natasha explores themes of gender, identity, sexuality, power, and class, evoking emotional and psychic resonance through exquisite craftsmanship in animation and gallery exhibitions. Jensen creates a world that entices whimsy and humor while presenting a conversation about contemporary feminist and social issues. The narrative that Jensen conveys in her interdisciplinary practice and experimental animations is the complexities of being an autonomous woman taking up physical, mental, and theoretical space in society.

CJM Scholarship Film: SUGARTOWN

SUGARTOWN is set in a bizarre and untamed garden in the bloom of spring, an experimental fairy tale about female friendship.