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vector image of a twisted QAS pencil, like a paperclip, in a seafoam colour

About Ana Victoria Piñero

Ana Victoria Pinero is an artist from Venezuela living in Calgary who madly loves animation. She likes to make cartoons to understand the world and herself, and share them with people.

profile picture of Ana Victoria Pinero - 2019-21 CJM Scholarship Winner. She is of Venezuelan decent, with long black hair. She is smiling at the camera. She has brown eyes, a nose ring, and is wearing a black shirt with colourful text on it.

About Ana’s scholarship film (in her own words):

PACO is the story of the young half-pig half-dog named Paco, who is unhappy with his life and is fearful of change. Until one day he crashes into Bliss, an energetic bug who begs for his help.  

PACO will be a 5 minutes 2D animated film that follows the adventures of these two characters helping each other to grow. This film is based on character narrative in a very cartoony aesthetic. I’m going to animate it primarily using Toon Boom Harmony, through a drawing approach on characters and very loose actions. By doing this I hope to keep a sense of my own hand in every the drawing. This is very influenced by American UPA animators from the 1940s and 1950s like John Hubley.

PACO explores the connections we form as individuals, consciously or unconsciously, even in the hardest of life’s situations; the trust in the people that surround us and the bonds we develop through our interactions. Also touches on themes like leaving comfort zones, adventure, friendship, sense of community and vulnerability.

Here is a video made by Ana at the 2020 Quickdraw Animation Lockdown using Parisian Orgy’s music:


Here is an animated intro made by Ana for the webshow Manuel y Jose show: (Content warning as there is cartoon nudity)


You can see more of PACO and her work through instagram @anavipinero !

yellow background, shows a cute little pig-like creature looking at a firefly (who is flying in the air, fist raised with determination). copyright information in the bottom right corner reads "2021 Ana Pinero, @anapinero"